cannabis buds and prescription pills


Marijuana is a drug that synthesizes from special kinds of flowers and leaves. Usually, these plants or their leaves refer to the dried series of herbs. This is not only made from leaves or flowers but also from the seeds of that plant.

 This plant is available in the series of plants with the name Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.

People had used this drug at a very large scale in the past. They used it in natural form without mixing into other ingredients. But in recent years the number of the user has increased very rapidly.

People use it with and without the prescription of the doctor. The main reason behind its usage is its multiple features as well as easy availability.

Marijuana and its derivatives are very useful in the entire world. They have many extra features than other drugs and their derivatives. The main advantage is its usage as an ingredient in many medicines that help cure severe diseases.

That is why; almost 80 % of medicines prescribed by the doctors in today’s world have this herb and its derivatives. 

According to research, above 10 million of the people of the United States are using this drug in different forms. Although their users belong to different dimensions of life. But the intensions to use this drug are the same to a large extent. 

For instance, people use it to take relaxation from their life problems. About 90% of its users use this drug for the same above-mentioned reason. 

Types of Marijuana

There are three main types of Marijuana having names Sative, Indica and Hybrid. The Cannabis Indica and Strains are the basic leaves of Marijuana. These plants have been using since the 18th Century in many dimensions of life. 

While the third type of Marijuana leaves i.e, Hybrid became famous in recent past years. Actually, this type is the mixing of naturally occurring leaves from different areas of the planet. 

Indica leaves occur in a specific area of Afghanistan named as the Hindu Kush. Although this herb also occurs in other parts of the planet the indica leaves of this region are the best. The reason behind is that these are useful for human.

These leaves have many effective impacts on the human body. It is also known with other name tags like Purple Haze, Northern Lights, etc. 

Sativa is a special kind of plant having a particular shape. This is a long plant almost 20 feet high with narrow branches. These branches are using in many medicines for different purposes. A person can easily break those branches from the plant as these are loosely attached to it. 

Its resins are using for many effective purposes like in the treatment of depression and many more. 

As we have discussed that two types of Marijuana are ancient while the third type came in popularity just some years ago. In this type, both the ancient seeds of the leaves are mixed and new product is formed. This new drug has new properties from the entire both types. The seeds for this task are selected from specific regions of the Earth. 

Effects of Marijuana on the human body

Marijuana is the nervous system drug that acts on the human mind directly. It works on the human mind and changes particular feelings of the mind and body. This is why; people are using this drug to such a huge extent. 

The main purpose of its usage is its properties to relax the mind. It is using for this general as well as a specific task for the human body. This drug enhances some chemicals that help the mind to overcome the depression problems. This will help the human to work properly even in severe condition.

Marijuana is one of those drugs that have hallucinogenic properties to a huge extent. With the help of this property, it provides the human mind a new and relaxed platform in which it can work. This situation does not have any relation to the real world. It is completely an imaginary world and situation. 

Also, it acts on the human mind very sharply. This feature makes it feasible for both the medical as well as non-medical usage. No doubt, it has many useful features for the human body but it may also become harmful. Its excessive usage may harm the human body very badly.

The main disadvantages are memory loss, unconsciousness, and loss of personal identification. These problems may occur due to unchecked usage. So, it should be used just according to the needs of the human body and prescription of the doctor.