Buy 1:1 GelCaps online



Buy 1:1 GelCaps online

Sow Eden Organics sources only the highest quality and natural ingredients to provide one of the best CBD line on the market. Not all CBD products are created equal, and that’s what makes Sow Eden stand out above the competition. All of their products are guaranteed to be pesticide and GMO-free. They lab test everything to ensure potency, quality, and efficacy. The majority of their product line is formulated to provide low doses of CBD, because with CBD, less is more.

Sow Eden’s 1:1 gelcaps are a great way to medicate discretely. They use premium, food-grade CO2 extracted cannabis oil to provide a full-spectrum dose of medicine. Each capsule contains 10mg CBD + 10mg THC, as well as a whole entourage of other minor cannabinoids. The 1:1 formula is an excellent choice for combating pain, stubborn inflammation, and insomnia. Expect an increase in appetite with the 1:1 formula, too. Capsules contain bovine gelatin.

Caution: This product contains gelatin which is not Vegan!

100mg CBD / 100mg THC per jar | 10 capsules total

Ingredients: Organic virgin coconut oil, cannabis oil CO2, non-GMO soy lecithin

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