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Buy 3-FPM Crystals online

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Full name of the substance known in the research chemical circles as 3-FPM or is 3-Fluorophenmetrazine, and it belongs to the group of phenetylamines, specifically its subgroup of amphetamines. Much like other compounds from this class, it contains a phenyl ring bonded to an amino group, though 3-FPM is a variation that contains a fluorine group attached to the phenyl ring at the third position. Structurally speaking, 3-FPM can be described as a cyclic analogue of ephedrine, while in terms of synthesis it represents a fluorinated derivative of phenmetrazine. The substance is often compared to its aforementioned relatives in terms of potential for neurotransmitter regulation, although it has been a subject of systematic research for only a brief time. Buy 3-FPM Crystals online

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3-Flouphenmetrazine is believed to stimulate massive release of several monoamine neurotransmitters, displaying strong affinity for dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine transporter molecules. This mechanism of action mimics other stimulants from the amphetamine group, but more exact results of laboratory research are necessary before accurate comparisons can be made. With high-grade 3-FPM consistently available from our store, qualified researchers can step up their studies without worrying about continued supply of reagents. Buy 3-FPM Crystals online

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Research chemicals delivered by including 3-FPM, can only be used for supervised in vitro studies under adequate laboratory conditions. Human or animal ingestion of research chemicals is strictly prohibited by our Terms and Conditions and could be potentially harmful. Please consult local sources to determine legality of 3-FPM in your country before placing an order through the website. Buy 3-FPM Crystals online


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