47.8% CBD KIEF NUGS (1/2 LB) – 5 STRAINS


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A fresh batch of new and improved 47.8% CBD Kief Nugs are now available for wholesale in a bulk 1/2 LB quantity with 5 premium high-cbd strains to choose from.  Our refined CBD Kief Nugs process includes using premium CBD Flower, spraying the buds with CBD Hash Oil then dusting them with CBD Kief.  The finished product is CBD Kief Nugs with over 47% CBD and 0.3% total THC.  If you are looking to wholesale the most potent smokeable CBD flower on the market, then CBD Kief Nugs are your best choice.

Choose from the following premium CBD Kief Nugs strains;

  • Paradise OG
  • Honolulu Haze #2
  • Casino Cookies #2
  • Acapulco Gold
  • Girl Scout Cookies


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