Afghan Diesel Marijuana online


Afghan Diesel Marijuana 1/2 ounce


Afghan Diesel Marijuana online

Afghan Diesel Marijuana online

Afghan Diesel is an indoor sativa-dominant plant with an Afghani mother. The dark green leaves
surround a purplish crop of buds. The whole bud has a grapefruit or citrus scent, with a fruity tang when
you break it open. The taste is sweet and citrus, very light and not harsh.
Afghan Diesel Marijuana Effects
The effect from this medicine are a light and smooth feeling of euphoria and relaxation. Afghan Diesel
affects more mental problems than physical, so you won’t get the overwhelming sleepiness or couch
lock like some stronger strains. You will feel alert, creative and very peaceful while still being able to
physically function in your everyday life.
Afghan Diesel Medical Marijuana Uses
Like most sativa-dominant strains, Afghan Diesel affects your head more than your body. It’s ideal
medicine for stress, anxiety, tension and some forms of depression. Patients with mental stress due to
chronic illness will respond well to this strain. Those with eating disorders or suppressed appetites due
to other medication will enjoy the increased appetite Afghan Diesel will cause.
Afghan Diesel Marijuana Downsides
A number of patients report a feeling of paranoia when using this medicine. A general case of dry mouth
is common, although the eyes don’t seem to be affected as severely. Anxiety will appear in a small
number of cases, so use this medicine sparingly at first to test its affect on your body chemistry.
Afghan Diesel Medical Marijuana Conclusion
Afghan Diesel is a solid alternative medical strain for use in anxiety-related illnesses. Tension, stress
and insomnia can be treated successfully with this medicine. Due to the relatively high number of
patients who report anxiety and paranoia, test this medicine in the company of others in a calm
environment, and use it sparingly until you know how it affects your body.

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