Anadenanthera peregrina “Yopo” (10 grams)



Anadenanthera peregrina “Yopo” (10 grams)

Anadenanthera peregrina “Yopo” (10 grams) online at Gold Medications! All products are lab qualified and have premium quality. Fast and secure worldwide delivery!

Anadenanthera colubrina seeds, also known as Yopo seeds. A seed pack of 10 gram contains approximately 55 seeds.

Origin : Andes Argentina

Common names: Yopo, Villca, Cebil (Argentina), Huilca, Angico preto (Brazil), Curupay-atá (Paraguay).
Family: Leguminosae Mimosoideae.

From very remote times, the indigenous inHabitants of various parts of South America have been aware of the hallucinogenic properties of diverse species of the genus Anadenanthera. The seeds of the tree are either ground with a mortar and pestle into a powder or oistened and rolled into a hard paste with some lime. In some areas the seeds are also smoked. The seeds of this species A. colubrina were employed as a snuff or in beverage in pre-Columbian times.

In Argentina, the early Spaniards found the Comechin Indians taking sebil “through the nose” to become intoxicated, and in another tribe the same plant was chewed for endurance. Since these Indian cultures have disappeared, our knowledge of vilca snuffs and their use is limited. The active constituents of Anadenanthera are bufotenine and tryptamine

The seeds here are strictly offered for horticultural use.

The Herb here is strictly offered as botanical specimen. Not for consumption. Consult the disclaimer before your order.


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