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Apollo 11 Marijuana Strain

Apollo 11 Marijuana Strain online.

Apollo 11 is a sativa dominant strain with long, bright green buds covered in long pale
hairs. The buds are very resinous, feeling sticky in the hand. The smell is lemony with a slight chemical
undertone, almost like lemon furniture polish. The taste is sweet like a mixture of cinnamon and lemon
Apollo 11 Marijuana Effects
This is potent medicine, creating a sense of uplifting and euphoria. Unlike most sativa dominants, it has
quite a strong effect on the body. You will feel a bit of laziness along with the relaxation this strain gives,
along with a general contented feeling.
Apollo 11 Medical Marijuana Uses
The euphoric effects of Apollo 11 mean that it’s a good choice of medicine for anxiety, stress-related
illnesses and tension. It’s a good choice for minor and moderate pain, although not potent enough for
severe pain on bad days. Patients with appetite problems will do well with this strain, as it causes a
moderate increase in appetite for most patients. Some patients report relief from migraine headaches,
but not all of them.
Apollo 11 Marijuana Strain Downsides
Almost all patients report moderate to severe dry mouth when using Apollo 11. Keep water or soda
available when using it. This strain is not effective for moderate to severe pain, and the over-relaxation
effect makes it a poor choice when using medication during the day when you have to be awake and
Apollo 11 Marijuana Strain Conclusion
Apollo 11 is a potent strain of medicine that’s ideal for moderate to severe anxiety related illness such
as tension, insomnia or nervous stomach. It does well with mild pain and the beginnings of migraine
headaches, but shouldn’t be counted on for stronger pains. Use this medicine in the evening or other
times you don’t have to be completely mentally sharp, as you will likely become lethargic when using it.
anti-psychotic, anti-oxidant, sedative, and immunomodulatory properties; making Lemon Kush a good
choice for controlling convulsions, inflammation, anxiety and nausea. IMPORTANT NOTE :::: Indica
strains are sedatives/relaxants which may result in feelings of body sedation. Because indica strains
may cause sleepiness and a sense of heaviness, it is recommended that these strains be used in the
evening. It is advisable that no heavy machinery or vehicles be operated under the effects of Lemon

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