Banisteriopsis caapi tincture – 5 ml | Green Matters



Banisteriopsis caapi tincture – 5 ml | Green Matters

Banisteriopsis caapi tincture – 5 ml | Green Matters online.

A unique full spectrum extract of Banisteriopsis caapi made by Green Matters. The total plant alkaloid extract tincture (40:1) is made from Banisteriopsis caapi sourced in Peru. The extraction using natural solvents is done in The Netherlands.


This tincture is a MAO-inhibitor and it will only cause a trip in combination with DMT-containing plants or seeds.


1 ml is the equivalent of a full MAO-I dose.

For microdosing 2-3 drops are recommended.

Each bottle contains 5 ml of tincture.


This TPA extract contains all of the caapi’s alkaloids (and some amounts of other phytochemicals). The Green Matters extract not only contains Harmine, Harmaline and Tetrahydroharmine but in addition contains acetyl norharmine, harmalinic acid, harmic acid, harmine N-oxide, harmol, methylester harmic amide, ketotetra-hydronorharmine, shihunine and S-(+) dihydroshuhunine.

The transparent Freebase-crystals, (purity 99%) are dissolved in demineralized water acidified with acetic acid. The solution contains 25 mg Ayahuasca TPA crystals per 1 ml (40:1). Packed in amber coloured glass bottles. A 5 ml bottle contains 125 mg Ayahuasca TPA crystals. 125mg TPA equals approximately 50 gram White Ayahuasca vines.


B. caapi contains MAO-inhibiting substances. This means it can be very dangerous when combined with certain foods or other psychoactive substances that are harmless when taken on their own.


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