Belladonna Kush Marijuana Strain


Belladonna Kush Marijuana 1/2 ounce


Belladonna Kush Marijuana Strain

Belladonna Kush Marijuana Strain online.
Belladonna Plant:
Belladonna is a marijuana strain that is extremely pleasant looking and has tight, slightly orange buds. It
possesses an aroma that is not only fruity, but also very pungent. Some often say that this particular
strain has a taste of fruits and spices. This specific strain delivers a trippy high and has potential peaks
of hallucinogenic rushes.
Belladonna Effects:
This particular strain releases a euphoric and uplifting high, which can sometimes result in the user
being either lazy or extremely focused. Potential drowsiness is also a possible side effect.
Belladonna Uses:
Belladonna has been known to alleviate or reduce symptoms of severe stress, chronic migraines,
excessive anxiety, and severe nausea and also helps aid any form of chronic or debilitating pain that
users may suffer from.
Belladonna Cons:
The only reported downsides of this particular strain would have to be the potential to feel a slight sense
of paranoia, and the classic and common dry mouth. There have also been some reported cases of
slight anxiety, but each and every individual who indulges upon Belladonna may experience differing
Overall, Belladonna is an absolutely amazing strain that has beautiful nugs and a lovely aromatic taste
and smell. It produces a very smooth smoke with few coughing fits. The buzz can be felt very lightly,
producing more of a euphoric and uplifting high. This is the type of strain that you would best smoke
before bed; chances of socializing diminish when smoking this strain.

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1/2 ounce


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