BeTru Wellness – Mind Gummy Chews



Are YOU Looking for:

  •  All-Natural Pain Relief?
  •  Non-Addictive Way to Support the Body and Feel Great?
  •  Nano-Technology For Unprecedented Absorption?
  •  Timed Release For Continuous Relief?
  •  Non-GMO Support For Pain & Mood?

These all-natural, strawberry-flavored MIND Daily Gummy Chews are infused with 10 mg of CBD extract per gummy! Be Trū Wellness MIND Daily Gummy Chews are drug-free, all-natural, and a super delicious way to get your CBD every single day!

The most delicious way to get your daily dose of Be Trū Wellness™ powerful CBD extract. Our MIND Daily Gummy Chews are perfect to take along with you and chew anytime you feel anxiety, lack of focus, or if you just feel like you need a quick and healthy boost!

(Certified Vegan/Kosher)

1 gummy (Daily Dosage) = 10mg CBD

Bottle (30-day supply) = 300mg CBD


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