Black Domina marijuana


Black Domina marijuana 1/2 ounce

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Black Domina marijuana

Black Domina marijuana online.
Black Domina is one of the most powerful smokes when it comes to strain potency. The resinous buds
possess the aroma of a harsh peppery scent, which eventually leads into a dark and musky smell of
juicy blackberries. Not a sweet tasting bud, Black Domina is a smoky and spicy smoke that leaves
some of its users wondering if the pipe contains hash alongside the weed.
Black Domina Effects:
Black Domina embodies the power of a primarily Indica buzz, but possesses the undertones of the most
overpowering body effects and potential bodily sedation. While this particular strain can be possibly
devastating if used during the wrong circumstances, it is a great buzz for a day off or a night session
where no serious work lies ahead of your schedule.
Black Domina Uses:
This particular strain is absolutely phenomenal when in terms of alleviating any form of stress on the
body that one may be experiencing, whether it is physical or mental stress, it truly rids an individual of it.
Black Domina also aids individuals and medical marijuana patients with any forms of insomnia, chronic
or debilitating pain, severe anxiety and lastly, severe nausea.
Black Domina Cons:
The pros certainly outweigh the cons in terms of negatives when it comes to this strain. Besides the
most commonly found side effects of dry eyes and dry mouth, patients or individuals tend to also
experience slight bouts of dizziness and headaches, and sometimes anxiety follows thereafter. Please
note however, each individual who smokes this strain is different and may receive a different feeling
from it.
Overall, Black Domina is a superb marijuana strain in terms of healing and medicinal benefits. It is a
one-hitter-quitter that has the potential to knock a mid-level migraine right out of one’s head. It contains a
very smooth high that is not extremely heavy and has the tendency to last extremely long. This particular
strain has been often referred to as a “beautiful way to end the day” because of its healing benefits and
stress alleviating powers.

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