Bordello kush Marijuana Strain


Bordello kush Marijuana 1/2 ounce


Bordello kush Marijuana Strain

Bordello kush Marijuana Strain online.
Bordello Marijuana Strain
Bordello is a hybrid with a bare amount of indica dominance, a cross between Blackberry Apocalypse
and Alexis. The appearance is loosely curled and medium green with a large amount of frosted crystals
dusting the entire surface. The scent is very mild, a light berry with a small amount of menthol
underneath. The taste is woodsy and acid, almost bitter.
The Effects of Bordello
Although Bordello is chemically indica dominant, the effects are almost entirely those related to sative
strains. You will feel a warm and relaxed feeling right away, along with a large amount of relaxation in the
eye area. This is definitely medicine that affects your body as much as it does your mind. You may have
a difficult time focusing on objects because of the involvement with the eyes with this strain.
Bordello Medical Uses
Patients have reported good results using Bordello for glaucoma and other eye problems. The relaxing
body effect is has make it ideal for patients with insomnia, muscle tension, pulled and strained muscles
and sprains. This strain is good for general pain relief, due to both its relaxing qualities and its tendency
to make you forget about the pain. Use Bordello for migraine headaches, arthritis and tension
Downsides of Bordello
The heavy body effects of this strain make it an unwise choice for daytime use, as well as for patients
who need to be awake and aware during use. It has very little effect on stress related illnesses such as
nervous tension and general emotional stress.
Conclusion for Bordello
Bordello is a strong hybrid strain of medicine with effects that come from both halves of the hybrid. The
body effects are dominant, however, and should be taken into account when using this medicine. Use
Bordello for muscle problems, general physical relaxation and a variety of eye and headache problems.
Do not use this strain during the day if you need to concentrate fully on your tasks.

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