Buy 5x 1A-LSD (ALD-52) 100mcg Online

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Buy 5x 1A-LSD (ALD-52) 100mcg Online

Buy 5x 1A-LSD (ALD-52) 100mcg Online

Buy 5x 1A-LSD (ALD-52) 100mcg Online. As with LSD itself, ALD-52 does not meet the criteria to be considered addictive or toxic by the scientific community.Nevertheless, unpredictable adverse reactions such as anxiety, paranoia, delusions and psychosis are always possible, particularly among those who are predisposed to psychiatric disorders. Order 5x 1A-LSD (ALD-52) 100mcg Online. Buy 5x 1A-LSD (ALD-52) 100mcg Online. 5x 1A-LSD (ALD-52) 100mcg For Sale Online

5x 1A-LSD (ALD-52) 100mcg For Sale Online


1-acetyl-lysergic acid diethylamide, also known as ALD-52 or Orange Sunshine Acid, is a LSD-analogue non-regulated by law.

As it is a homologue to 1P-LSD it is much comparable to LSD-25. With the introduction of ALD-52 onto the fine chemical market researchers can intensify their research about lysergamides.We currently stock ALD-52 in the form of 100µg blotters for research purposes.


ALD-52, or 1-Acetyl-N,N-diethyllysergamide, is a semisynthethic molecule of the lysergamide chemical class. ALD-52 is a substituted derivative of lysergic acid. ALD-52’s structure contains four rings, a bicyclic hexahydroindole fused to a bicyclic quinoline group. This core structure of ALD-52 is an ergoline derivative, and has tryptamine and phenethylamine structures embedded within it. ALD-52 contains a N,N-diethylcarboxamide functional group bound to R8 of the chemical structure. It is additionally substituted at carbon 6 with a methyl group.

ALD-52 is homologous to 1P-LSD, which contains a propionyl group bound to CH3CO- instead of the acetyl group bound to the same location. It is unknown how these differences account for differences in the two compound’s activity.


Subjective effects.


Anecdotal reports from many users suggest that the effects of ALD-52 are virtually identical to LSD. In comparison to other psychedelics such as psilocin, LSA and ayahuasca, ALD-52 is significantly more stimulating and fast-paced regarding the specific style of its physical and cognitive effects, as is the case with other lysergamides.

Anecdotal reports from the community tend to report ALD-52 as being slightly less potent and visual, with a mellower, less anxiety-provoking headspace that comes at the expense of less depth, giving it the reputation for being a more recreational variant of LSD. It has been speculated that this is due to a slightly extended, less jarring come up period that allows the user to become more acclimated to the changes in head space. As one increases the dose, it is reported to lose this character and converge with the effects of a high-dose LSD experience.

Order 5x 1A-LSD (ALD-52) 100mcg Online.


The effects listed below are based upon the subjective effects index and personal experiences of PsychonautWiki contributors. These effects should be taken with a grain of salt and will rarely (if ever) occur all at once, but heavier doses will increase the chances of inducing a full range of effects. Likewise, adverse effects become much more likely on higher doses and may include serious injury or death. Order 5x 1A-LSD (ALD-52) 100mcg Online. Buy 5x 1A-LSD (ALD-52) 100mcg Online. 5x 1A-LSD (ALD-52) 100mcg For Sale Online


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