Buy Ephenidine Powder



Buy Ephenidine Powder

Buy Ephenidine Powder

Ephenidine is a dissociative anesthetic and acts as an antagonist for the NMDA receptor
Reagent Use Only

What is Ephenidine? 

Ephedrine is an intense examination synthetic that falls in the diarylethylamine class. It is a dissociative that is regularly promoted for being more grounded than ketamine and MXE for delivering contorting results. Ephenidine is a NDMA rival. In the event that you plan on directing trials with Ephenidine, at that point be set up to anticipate discoveries of spatial bewilderment, changes in the view of gravity, material concealment, floating sensations, ecological cubism, and hallucinogenic mental trips. Ensure that research center security methods are utilized and respirator veils are utilized during tests.

We have excellent ephenidine in a few unique structures. On the off chance that you don’t consider your to be structure as an alternative, kindly don’t hesitate to reach us to check when it will be accessible. Our synthetic compounds are for research purposes just and are not for creature or human use. You should be in any event 18 years of age and in consistence with your nation’s laws with respect to investigate synthetics to buy from us.

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