Buy CBD/CBN – Capsules online




Buy CBD/CBN – Capsules online

High Bio-availability Supplement: Designed for patients that need a long lasting, slow release dose of cannabinoids for regular use. Each contain 30 (thirty) 5mg capsule.

Product Details:

  • Two formulations of capsules: CBN and CBD. Additional formulations with other medicinally beneficial cannabinoids are in development.
  • Cannabinol (CBN) is an effective anti-epileptic, anti-spasmodic and reliever of intra-ocular pressure. Recent studies suggest that CBN can be administered as an antidepressant, to prevent convulsions and to sedate patients experiencing pain. It is ideal for those suffering from Glaucoma, inflammation and insomnia.
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown effective in treating inflammation, diabetes, cancer, mood disorders (PTSD to ADD) and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. It has anti-epileptic, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, anti-nausea, anti-rheumatoid arthritis and sedative properties.
  • Mary’s capsules are 100 percent plant-based, vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free and contain no additives.
  • Every batch of Mary’s Medicinals products is laboratory tested for quality and consistency.

Supporting Quote:

  • Nicole Smith, CEO, Mary’s Medicinals, said: “Mary’s is dedicated to crafting the highest quality medicine utilizing the powerful healing properties of cannabinoids to optimize patient care. In the creation of each of Mary’s products, thoughtful consideration is given to replenishing vital terpenes that are typically lost in the production of most cannabis products. We strive to ensure our products are not only accurately dosed and cleanly delivered, but comprised of everything nature intended.”

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