Buy Diclazepam (2 mg) online



Buy Diclazepam (2 mg) online

Buy Diclazepam (2 mg) online

What is Diclazepam used for?

In theory and our In-Vitro experiments we found it to have anxiolytic (central receptors) and  muscle-relaxant (peripheral receptors) properties.

The chlorine groups also allows the generation of radioisotopes via thermal neutron activation thus producing convenient radioactive tracers that provide a low-cost methodology of studying the benzodiazepine site in in-vitro studies.

Diclazepam’s affinity values are calculated as:

α1 2.51 ±0.25

α2 3.42 ±0.19

α3 4.02 ±0.19

α5 5.13 ±0.19

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2 mg x 100, 2 mg x 1000, 2 mg x 250, 2 mgx 500


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