Dutch Dragons – Psilocybe Naranja



Dutch Dragons – Psilocybe Naranja

Dutch Dragons – Psilocybe Naranja

Fly on these magical Dutch Dragons to a world full of colour and wonder. Enjoy the strength and sensory delight from these awesome fire orange sclerotia.

Like most hallucinogenic truffles, Dutch Dragons contain psilocybin and psilocin as main active compounds.


Laughter, energy, increased sensual perception, positive mood and a strong visual experience.


7-10 grams
10-15 grams
15 -20 grams


4­-6 hours


Eat them raw, on an empty stomach and clear head, For the best mushroom experience make sure that you’re in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable and that you take the correct dose. STORAGE: Fresh truffles should be stored in the fridge and will be good for up to 1 month. If you want to keep them longer you have to dry them. After you dry your truffles you can keep them for up to 6 months, kept in a closed box/bag in a cool dry place.


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