Buy Endoca Hemp Oil Capsules online




Buy Endoca Hemp Oil Capsules online

If the taste of hemp isn’t for you, this range of Endoca Hemp Oil Capsules allows you to experience the benefits of CBD without the earthy aftertaste.

Using gluten-free and kosher vegan gel caps, each capsule is packed with hemp plant goodness. No need to calculate your dosage, simply swallow a capsule and you’re done.

Passing through the digestive system instead of the bloodstream, your body absorbs less of the active ingredients in capsule form than when taken sublingually or inhaled. However, the slow-release effects of CBD tablets and capsules are still very popular among many of our customers.

Decarboxylated or Raw?

Whether to choose Raw Hemp or Decarboxylated CBD Capsules is an entirely personal choice. Many of our customers opt to try both versions before deciding what works best for them. Both capsules come in two strengths:

  • 300mg (containing 10mg of CBD or CBD/CBDa per capsule)
  • 1500mg (containing 50mg of CBD or CBD/CBDa per capsule).

CBD Capsules: Extracted from organic hemp plants, the CBD in these capsules uses the Supercritical CO2 method before embarking on a gentle cold filtration process.

Raw Hemp Capsules: As opposed to the CBD found in CBD capsules, Raw Hemp Capsules contain CBDa, the precursor of CBD. CBDa is found in large quantities on the living hemp plant, but when exposed to heat converts into CBD. These raw hemp capsules contain both versions of cannabinoid.


Instructions For Use: Take CBD Capsules on an empty stomach, starting with a low dose and gradually increasing. Effects may take up to an hour to be felt.

Storage: While decarboxylated CBD Capsules can be stored at room temperature, due to the sensitivity that CBDa has to heat, Raw Hemp Oil Capsules should be stored in the fridge.

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