Freeze Dried Moringa Leaf by the oz


Freeze dried moringa leaf  could be the new way Americans enjoy moringa. Eating fresh moringa is an optimal way to consume it.  With freeze dried you get the benefits of the fresh without the problems and the expense of refrigerated shipping from the field.

Freeze dry leaf, without the larger stems,  weighs about 75% less than fresh leaf.   1 oz of dry leaf is equal to 4 ounces of fresh leaf.  4 oz of fresh leaf is a substantial amount of fresh moringa leaf. We do not crush the dry leaf to make it less bulky so we only pack one to two ounces in standard foil bags. This keeps the shape of the leaf so once it hydrates it looks more  like it original form.

Make sure to keep the foil bag sealed to keep out ambient moisture. Freeze dried products will soak up the humidity in the air.

If you come up with any interesting recipes, please let us know.

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Freeze Dried Moringa Leaf by the oz

Freeze Dried Moringa Leaf by the oz online.

We are pleased to announce the addition of freeze dried moringa leaf to our product range. You can tell from the aroma and color how it differs from traditionally dried moringa. Adding water restores the moringa leaves to their original fresh flavor, aroma, taste and appearance. The moringa comes from our own trees in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida.

Freeze drying is the process of freezing the leaves to -40 Degrees F. After 9 hours of freezing at this temperature the machine pulls a vacuum for several additional hours. The machine then warms the leaf slightly to melt the ice in the leaf. Water can not exist in a liquid state in a vacuum so it vaporizes and condenses on the walls of the chamber.

This is a very rare commodity and we hope you enjoy it. You can reconstitute and treat it like fresh leaf or make it into a tea. Cook with your favorite vegetables.

Feel free to share your experiences with freeze dried moringa.


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