Jane’s Brew Cannabis Infused Powder online




Jane’s Brew Cannabis Infused Powder online

Looking for just the thing to add to your favorite morning coffee or tea for an energy boost and relief from chronic pain? The House of Jane recognizes some people simply love their own brand of hot beverage. That’s why we developed Jane’s Brew MediMix. It’s a cannabis-infused hot beverage enhancer you can add to any hot brew and comes in BOOST and CBD RELIEF.

Jane’s Brew Boost and CBD Relief is made with all organic and proprietary natural ingredients including CO2 extracted cannabis oil. They are fat-freesugar-freenon-GMO, Vegan and gluten-free.

CBD Relief – 5 packs of 20MG CBD (14 CBD:1 THC)

Boost – 5 packs of 20MG THC

Instructions for Use: 
EACH CONTAINER CONTAINS THE FULL MG AMOUNT AS LABELED. Please portion to start with only a 10mg dose to test tolerance. Do not take another dose for at least 2 hours. Best used by mixing with a very hot beverage and mixing well and often. Beverages may also be iced or blended after mixing

Jane’s Brew Cannabis Infused Powder online at Gold Medications!

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