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Buy Legal online

Mirth Provisions presents their new cannabis infused beverages – LEGAL

Legal is an all-natural sparkling tonic crafted for the perfect high! Never high-fructose. A delicious mix of bubbles., fruit and as much locally sourced ingredients as Mother Nature will allow. Crafted strain-by-strain to deliver different but consistent good times. Every time.

Legal may look like soda, but it’s actually a one-of-a-kind concoction the makers call “sparkling tonic”. Here’s what sets Legal apart from soda:

1) All Natural Ingredients: Legal tastes great because it’s made from great stuff. All natural ingredients are used, and are sourced locally whenever possible. Vegan with No freaky dyes, no high fructose corn syrup—just water, fruit, agave and cannabis extract.

2) Consistently Amazing Effect: The different blends of sativa, indica, and hybrid cannabis extract deliver the same fantastic feeling every time, so you can trust the quality and consistency of these sparkling tonics from one batch to the next. The different flavors/strains make it easy to choose your experience: Pomegranate Power Tonic for an uplifting sativa high, Lemon Ginger Dream Tonic for a super-chill indica high, and Rainier Cherry Joy Tonic for a blissed-out hybrid high.

3) Ready to Drink: Legal doesn’t need to be mixed with or added to anything. When you buy a bottle, all you need to do is pop the cap and enjoy. And each bottle contains two – three full servings, so it’s perfect for sharing with a friend, spreading out over a couple days, or creating a more powerful ride for those more experienced with edibles.

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