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Buy Mifeprex online.

Loette – The Pill

Loette is a commonly used contraceptive or birth control pill. Loette is consumed orally and is known as “the Pill”. This medication popularly used as a birth control measure, contains two hormones namely levonorgestrel and ethinyloestradiol. These hormones are active against preventing one from being pregnant if loette is taken according to the dose recommended. Loette is also used to treat mild acne in women.

Loette – The Pill

Loette : Working mechanisms

Loette prevents pregnancy by inhibiting the release of egg by preventing it from maturing. Also, Loette makes it difficult for the sperm to reach the egg by changing the cervical mucus consistency. And, finally the medication changes the uterus lining by reducing the chances of implantation or pregnancy.

Loette : Dosage format

Loette can be taken as per one of the two formats given below:

28-pill format: One tablet at the same time, everyday for 28 days regularly.
21-pill format: One tablet at the same time for 21 days, then leave a gap of one week as tablet free before starting with the next round of medication.

Loette : Precautions.

Loette must be taken only after discussing one’s medical history with a specialist or under some medical supervision. Women, who are already pregnant, must not take loette. Women, who have experienced menopause also, should not take loette. Also, restrict from loette usage if you are allergic to any of Loette’s ingredients.

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