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This is a close up photo of a moringa seed fresh from it pod. Grow your own fresh moringa leaf and pods; possibly the best way to use consume moringa. You can use the leaf in many recipes, see our cookbook, and juice the fresh leaf for a thrill of a lifetime. Seeds can also be consumed because of their anti-inflammatory nature. Read the articles in our library for in-depth information on its many chemical properties. Approximately 90 seeds per ounce.

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Buy Moringa Seeds online

Buy Moringa Seeds online

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There are basically two ways to grow Moringa oleifera. The spaced tree method where you plant individual trees 10 ft apart and allow to grow several feet tall not to exceed 10 ft for practical purposes. Or you can grow intensively which I think should be the preferred method in this country due to our climate. It practically freezes everywhere so when your crop is manageable in limited space you can take measures to prevent damage from freezing. In this photo below, we planted 4 or 5 seeds per hole which have their own water drip line. Water is pinpointed for each “bouquet” and thus conserved. You can also plant in a small raised bed 4’x8′ with several hundred seeds and harvest monthly.


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