Buy Pregtest Card online



Buy Pregtest Card online

Buy Pregtest Card online.

Pregnancy is an amazing part in every woman’s life. In order to confirm if a woman has conceived or not, there is a simpler way which is by using Pregtest Card. This card is a pregnancy detection kit for detecting the HCG Hormone which helps in confirming if the woman is actually pregnant or not. The advantage is that one can easily perform the test and maintain complete privacy. The process involves simple test which confirms the result of being pregnant or no by using one’s urine sample. The kit contains certain sera reagent strip which helps in detecting the HCG Hormone presence.
Pregtest Card
Manufacturer : Ajanta Pharma

Pregtest Card- How to use

Every pack of Pregtest Card includes a pregnancy detection strip for single use. A woman who wishes to know if she has conceived or not can use Pregtest in performing the test at the earliest by 6 days. An ideal day for testing for getting the accurate result is the expected date of periods. Users are required to perform the test with the first morning urine for clear and accurate results.

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