Buy Trippy Truffle Pack



Buy Trippy Truffle Pack

Buy Trippy Truffle Pack online.

By popular demand, Shayana has joined 3 of her most popular and potent Magic Truffle strains together in one awesome Trippy Truffle Pack with a special discount!

Atlantis (20g)Dragon’s Dynamite (20g)High Hawaiians (22g)


7,5-10 grams
10-15 grams
15-20 grams


4-6 hours when taken orally.
For many people there is an additional period of time (2-6 hrs) where it is difficult to go to sleep and there is definitely a noticeable difference from everyday reality.


Eat them raw, on an empty stomach and clear head, For the best mushroom experience make sure that you’re in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable and that you take the correct dose. STORAGE: Fresh truffles should be stored in the fridge and will be good for up to 1 month. If you want to keep them longer you have to dry them. After you dry your truffles you can keep them for up to 6 months, kept in a closed box/bag in a cool dry place.


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