Certainly, all marijuana strains are considered useful for medicine. They all have pain-dulling traits, as well as providing anti-inflammatory benefits. Which strains are the very best for your particular ailments? Following are a few of the very best medical marijuana strains.

Maui Wowie is considered a great medical marijuana plant because it leaves you highly functional, while providing great relief to many ailments.

The Indica strains are known for giving a “body buzz”. Indicas are associated with making you very tired and causing one to fall asleep easy. This type of thing is exactly what you want when you are in need of pain relief. These include Northern Lights and Afghan strains.

Benefits of Indica: reduces pain muscle relaxant relieves spasms, reduces seizures reduces inflammation aids sleep reduces anxiety and stress reduces nausea stimulates appetite relieves headaches and migraines reduces intra-occular pressure bronchio-dilator and expectorant

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